Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014, Deadliest Year in Yemen's Recent History

Sana'a, Yemen.

"Over 7,000 Yemeni citizens were killed in 2014 alone, that's three times more than those killed in Yemen's 2011 Uprising against Ali Abdullah Saleh's regime....among that number, more than 1,000 soldiers were killed, 5,000 Houthi forces were killed, and 70% of the army's capabilities are now under the Houthis' control." - a new report states by Abaad Center for Strategic Studies in Yemen.

More details in the report (available in Arabic).

For an in-depth analysis on that and more, Al Jazeera English has just run its Inside Story episode about Yemen, bringing in Osama Sari, Houthi semi-spokesman, journalist, and dr. Mohammed Jumeh, Yemeni analyst & NDC member, and Abubaker Al Shami, Yemeni-Brit journalist:-