Sunday, January 4, 2015

Protesters killed in South Yemen by Security Forces - List

Photo Courtesy/ Vivian Salama


Oct 15 mass rally for re-partition

November 25 Aden: Parade Square, unarmed protester Samir Shawoush shot dead

November 30 Aden: Yemeni police shot dead a protester and wounded four others as southern separatists marched Sunday towards the governorate building in the south's main city of Aden.

December 15 Aden: Khalid al Junaidi executed while in custody of the Central Security.

December 17 Aden: Professor Zain Al Yazidi gassed to death at a peaceful protest in Crater with an overdose of CN that caused pulmonary edema (Safariland Spede-Heat 37 mm CN canisters).

December 22 Atiq, Shabwa: Matlub Mohammad Matlub 22 shot in neck dead at protest

December 23 Ataq, Shabwa: police opened fire at protesters (who gathered following the shooting death of Matlub) and Ali Nasser Imran (Al Sulaimani) was shot while walking near a market, left to bleed for an hour until dead. Five were wounded, one of which succumbed to his injuries on January 3.

January 2 Malla, Aden: Mohamed Fouad Taher Al-Tahammi, a third-year student at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Aden at seven in the evening of Thursday was shot and killed. Security forces opened fire on a bus carrying several Al-Hirak activists near the governor's office in Aden, which led to his death and the injury of three others, eyewitnesses said

Jan 4 Killed today, details pending 1-Mohammed Bakker in Aden, Dar Sa’ad near army checkpoint 2-Fares M.Ahmed in Dhalie, Sannah town

Prior list does not include security officers executed by unknown persons which are:

December 30 Ataq, Shabwa: Mohammed Ahmed Kamis Al-Nasee , a security officer was shot while in his car by unknown person

January 4 Shabwa: Col.Hamoud Thabet killed with a shot to the head

Pleaes advise any corrections, updates, additional information and/or news links.

There were hundreds of unarmed protesters killed 2007-2014 and thousands injured and jailed. This list is only a snapshot of the current events.