CNN's Christiane Amanpour's interview with Afrah Nasser, New York City, 2017.

Afrah Nasser is the Yemen researcher at Human Rights Watch.

She is from Al-Raqqas neighborhood (حارة الرقاص) in Yemen’s capital, Sana’a and now lives in Stockholm, Sweden. She worked as a journalist in Sana’a (2008-2011) and later as a freelance journalist (2011-2019). Nasser was an active blogger during Yemen’s 2011 uprising. Through her writings and activism, Afrah Nasser has been advocating for human rights and justice in Yemen for over a decade.

She was a multi-award-winning journalist, including receiving the Committee to Protect Journalists’ International Press Freedom Award for 2017. This blog by Nasser was featured as one of the 10 must-read blogs from the Middle East by CNN and one of the top Middle East blogs by Al-Monitor. Internationally, Nasser has written for Al Jazeera English, CNN & Middle East Eye, among many others. Her public speaking includes appearances on Al Jazeera & BBC, and speaking at the UN Human Rights Council, among others, discussing Yemen and the MENA region. 



She has authored a chapter in the Swedish anthology of essays titled 'Everyday Racism' (2015), and a chapter in 'Now That We Have Tasted Hope: Voices from the Arab Spring' book (2012), and a chapter in (يحدث في الطريق) 'Happening on the Street' book (2012).


Nasser holds a master's degree in Communication from Gothenburg University (2015), and a bachelor’s degree in English Linguistics from Sana'a University (2004-2008). 


You may contact Afrah Nasser via her email: afrah.nasser ( A T ) gmail.com or follow her on:-


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