Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Short Film: Ongoing Humanitarian Crisis Among Yemen's IDPs

While the security situation in Yemen is a pickle (every other day there is an assassination attempt on politicians, let alone the terrorist attacks), IDPs in Yemen are suffering from a severe humanitarian crisis and little has been done to address their plight by the government. They have fled their homes in Abyan and other cities, almost more than one year ago, due to the violent armed fights, and they are located now in Aden with almost no water, no electricity and no food. According to UNHCR's latest report, total number of IDPs in Yemen is 545,318.

Yemeni filmmaker, Ammar Basha has recently posted one of his short films about the situation in south of Yemen. The following clip (with English subtitle) is an agonizing film taken on 11/7/2012 in Abyan and Aden. It's the first part and the second part will be posted soon in his youtube channel, ThawratShabab.

Few months ago, I posted a number of heartbreaking photos taken by Basha in Abyan and Aden, you can see them here. Plus, blogger and researcher Atiaf al-Wazir has recently made a photo essay about Abyan, you can see them here.