Monday, September 25, 2017

Yemen at the UN Human Rights Council

Looking back on a day of interviews last week, reporting and co-speaking at the UN Geneva's Human Rights Council's ongoing 36th session, where the battle for human rights groups demanding establishing UN Yemen inquiry goes on.

My dispatch from the council titled, "Yemen needs united nations, not the United Nations" via Middle East Eye.

In details, I explain,"The Unfolding UN Failure in the Yemen War," for the Atlantic Council,

With Yemeni human rights defender, Ishraq al-Maqtary (Left) and journalist Shatha al-Harazi (right). 

With journalist, Nabil al-Osidi. 

With Human Rights lawyer, Huda al-Sarari who I wrote about in a lengthy feature here

With Yemeni diplomat, Mustafa Naji. 

In the Yemen side-session, I co-spoke on gender-based Human rights violations.