Sunday, November 17, 2013

Saudi Girl Fugitive for Love in Yemen

The first court session in Huda and Arafat's case was hold today.

Huda is a 22 years old young lady from Saudi Arabia who fell in love with Arafat, a young Yemeni gentleman. She escaped KSA to be with Arafat and planned to seek humanitarian asylum in Yemen. Her family pushed the Saudi authorities to intervene and get her back. Then, Yemeni authority, motivated by Saudi, filed a case in the court against Huda and Arafat; Huda is accused of illegally entering the country and she faces the possibility to be deported, and Arafat is accused of 'stealing' her from her family.

The coming court session will be on the 24th Nov. and activists are calling to hold a pro-love, pro-Huda&Arafat demonstration. The issue in no longer a random irrational case in court. The issue represents how love can fix what politics ruined.