Sunday, November 17, 2013

Salafist Men Attack Journalist Al-shu'aibi

Majed Al-shu'aibi
"More than 30 Salafist men physically attacked journalist, Majed Al-shu'aibi in Aden city, yesterday. The inhuman gang stormed into a restaurant where Al-shu'aibi was sitting along with his friend. The gang dragged them both to the street and beat them brutally."
 (via Hani Al-junid)

"Majed Al-shu'aibi is not the last person who would get beaten and be humiliated by being dragged in front of people only because he took a picture of one of the mosques that instiguests the southerner in favor of the war in Damaj village. What destroyed me the most is that while I was being assaulted in front of everyone and I was screaming out loud asking to be saved, people were standing watching those hands beating me and humiliating my friend Yassin Alhakam and I as if we were criminals. 

My self-being was crushed before my body. I was more devastated by the humiliation than the beating, and by the horrific way we were took with to the mosque, where we were interrogated about what was our political affiliation and if I was a reporter for al-Huthies who asked me to take a photo for the mosque! My body survived death but I was killed thousand times."