Sunday, February 3, 2013

Saleh's Son, Ahmed Makes a Controversial Speech

Using the same propaganda political discourse of his father, Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh, the son of the resigned president Saleh, made a controversial speech yesterday in Sana'a, where he spoke with the title of being the head of the republican security forces; a title that has been "supposedly" removed after a presidential decree by president Hadi in Dec. 2012. Surprisingly, Ahmed expressed his approval of Hadi's decrees. 

Back then, Hadi removed the whole section of  the republican security forces; introducing new amendments in the army construction. However, all that seems to be not true!  

Even though it is seldom that Ahmed gives speeches, he seemed aiming to send certain message that, --I'm still here and I still hold the position of "the republican security forces".  

For a long time, resigned president Saleh was preparing to inherit/pass the power and the presidency to his son. Ahmed's posters were all over the country; with glorifying texts. He was and still is a very influential army man in the country. Then, when the uprising took place, I remember very clearly that Saleh made a speech in Jan. 2011 at the parliament where he promised that he wouldn't inherit the presidency to his son. He was trying to please the protesters on the streets and make them go home. Of course, that didn't work. 

While the international community is trying to polish/assist the "saudi version" of democracy to Yemen (brought through the GCC deal), no one is realizing (or maybe intentionally overlooking) that Ahmed is one of the real threats to Yemen's political democratization process because he and the rest of Saleh's gang have so much blood in their hands and have unbelievably exploited the country's resources to the max; leaving the people sink into a huge ocean of poverty, wars and destruction. 

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Ahmed plans to run for presidency next year. That is likely to happen. And if that happens, he'll definitely win through an artificially fair and free election... and Yemen will continue to have a bleak future.