Monday, November 12, 2012

Yemeni Wedding Ceremony without Qat

Time for happy news from Yemen!

Few hours ago, a wedding ceremony celebration without Qat just took place which is not a popular thing to do in Sana'a. However, wedding celebrations in Hadramout city and southern areas are done without chewing Qat. Though, you must bear in mind, chewing Qat in other areas in Yemen and chewing Qat in wedding ceremonies in particular is common tradition. Hence, the wedding celebration without Qat, on 11-11-2012 is truly a promising event.

The groom, Albara'a Shiban decided to hold his wedding in a such way; setting the wedding's guests to attend without chewing Qat. Boycotting Qat has been on the call after the diligent work of Hind al-Eryani, a campaigner against Qat. (read here) For nearly one year, she has been extremely active in campaigning against that greenish leaf. She even flew all way to Yemen from Lebanon, where she mainly resides, to attend the wedding.

"I'm very happy about today. The Qat-free wedding ceremony was a success..almost 800 attendees and no one chewed Qat. Big media instituations like Aljazeera,BBC and Yemeni channels were there to cover this historical event," said al-Eryani.

I tweeted her, "I have never ever ever imagined that this day would come; a #freeQat wedding ceremony in Sana'a! Way to go!!" And I'm really hoping that those kind of weddings never stop to happen.

In fact, a number big business men in Yemen expressed their delight that free-Qat wedding can exist. They promised to cover the expenses of any coming wedding ceremonies that are free-Qat.

Change is truly happening; gradually, one thing at a time.