Saturday, July 14, 2012

TedxSanaa Coming Soon to Yemen

One of the most popular "ideas worth spreading" events around the world is coming to Yemen - TedxSanaa is schedualed to take place at the end of this year in December. This is very very exciting news and I really can't wait to watch it!

Sometimes I like to think that media has negatively harmed Yemen with it's partial media coverage to catastrophe and dramatic events in Yemen only. Generally, media has the tendency to cover crisis and disaster, and hell yeah we have that in Yemen, but what about covering the other side?! Nonetheless of all catastrophic events happening in Yemen, there are a bunch of people who are diligently working in brining change and working to have a better tomorrow for all Yemenis. TedxSana's event is one example of many. I wish them all the best!

You can follow TedxSanaa on its website here or the Facebook page here.