Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fly with a Zepplein

While I was sitting in a park with a group of friends, I looked up to see this lovely and cute zeppelin flying up in the sky, yesterday. I secretly thought, "Gosh! I wish I can fly like that zepplein as well..for two reasons.

First reason, I wanted to fly away from this cruel world; where savage killing of innocent people is happening on a daily basis around the world under the name of religion, secterism, stupid dirty politics and post-colonialism global interests. I wanted to fly away from this fucking globalized world.

I wanted to fly away from heartbreaking news coming from Yemen with all the power struggle taking place in Yemen and the recent bomb of the 100 innocent soldiers paying the price, or the news about the innocent civilians in Yemen killed by the US drone strikes, or the news of the increasing spreading hunger in Yemen, or Ansar al-Sharia news, or the Saudi diplomat who is captivated by Ansar al-Sharia, or ,, I wanted to fly away from all the indepth-anaylsis articles and reports written about the situation in Yemen where foreign journalists and/or columnists try to boost, brag and compete each other that; seemingly saying, "Oh! I know better than anyone else about Yemen's current situation. I'll explain Yemen to you in my reports." I wanted to fly away from all the tears I have when I read those reports.

I wanted to fly and live in the sky where it's calm and peaceful.

Second reason, I wanted to fly and reach Yemen. Then, I'd pull my mother up to the sky to me and kiss her on all over her body. "You are queen of my heart, mom," I'd tell her. I wanted to fly and reach Yemen so I could check on my friends. "I miss you all so much," I'd tell them. I wanted to fly and reach Yemen without all the brucracy of Swedish immigration office and visas applications and airports' irritating procedures.

Gosh! I wanted so bad to fly. Basically, I wanted to fly by the zepplein because I needed the world to stop for few moments so we could all take a breath and absorb what's going on around us.

Yet, I keep looking at the zepplein picture and imagine that I'm helps a little bit.