Sunday, March 11, 2012

Childhood; the Palm of Innocence

I had a moment of reflection and I asked myself; when was I as happiest as I could get during my lifetime? It wasn't too long till I had the answer. It was when I was in the palm of innocence; when I was a little child. Then, (thanks to Youtube) I was able to have a glimpse of that. I youtubed couple clips of very old cartoons that I used to watch during the 90s with my younger sister.

Uh! that just tickled my heart and I started to laugh. Later, I cried because those old days are priceless and nothing .. NOTHING .. could get them back. Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching those clips and I plan to watch them every once in awhile to remember the feeling; of pure bliss and comfort.

I just realized that when I was a child I used to:-

-Focus very well on what I'm doing; whether watching cartoons or studying in schools.
-If I wanted to have something; I was very stubborn to get it, effortlessly.
-I was just happy for no specific reason.
-And most importantly, I didn't give a damn about blogging/news/al-Qaeda/politics and life.

Today, life became unbearably complicated. I guess that's the case for many people as well. With being an adult, lots of responsibilities come along. It's too much! Sometimes I wish if the world could just stop for awhile, so I could breathe. I manage now to do that by spending few minutes; watching cartoons and breathe...