Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012 Everyone!

It's 2012 everyone!

Couple hours ago, I was standing in the yard of a friend's house with two wonderful families and their kids. I was invited to celebrate the new year eve with them. We stood watching fireworks fill the sky and the sound BOOM was all over the town.

Interestingly enough, I had a flashback of the gunshots' sound in Yemen that I personally expereinced and the reports I have read about the fireworks being made to celebrate whatever Saleh did. All that came back to me and for awhile I was lost in my inner fear and agony. Then, I paused and thought; "Stop! try to enjoy the moment and let go of those inner voices." I tried to do so but still .. I thought the following:-

*"Dear Yemen, happy new year & I wish 2012 gets you electricity, water, oil AND democracy!"

*"Dear Syria, happy new year and may 2012 gets you freedom, democracy and peace!"

*"Dear Bahrain, happy new year and may 2012 gets you freedom, democracy & peace!"

May 2012 be an extension to the Arab Awakening and may it be another year closer to true democracy to all struggling revolutionary countries. Remember, every end is a new beginning.