Saturday, January 14, 2012

Aden Calls for Secession Under Fire

This video was posted in Alaa's blog who resides in Aden. The video shows security forces attacking peaceful protesters in Aden city in Yemen, few hours ago (13th Jan.).

So far, around 8 protesters have been killed and 30 people have been wounded. They were faced with violence by the security forces to suppress their peaceful protest. "They killed the protesters with machine guns, tear gas, live bluets and water," wrote to me Saeed, from Aden.

The protest that was initially calling for peace and tolerance turned to call for secession from the north part of Yemen. Indeed, this issue has been pending for quite sometime and needs to be addressed. As key political figures from Aden met in a big conference in Cairo, six months ago, to discuss the secession issues and other issues, they were all affirmative about their cause.

Having said that, it's very clear that on the two levels the secession issue is a critical one. The first level is the grass-root movement calling for the secession. The second level is the official political movement by the key figures.

Personally, I support giving the right for self-determination and letting the people decide. One of my good friends, Nuha, she's from and living in Aden. She doesn't want secession. She sticks to unification of all Yemen's parts. Whereas, I've corresponded with activists from and in Aden and others from Aden but living abroad, and they all want secession.


Just couple hours ago, Dr. Yassin Saeed Noman, the secretary general of the Yemeni Socialist Party had an interview on al-Arabyia channel where he stated that, "Yemen is at an alarming situation in all its aspects. On the political, economical and sectarian levels, Yemen is at great risk."

This is, of course, very worrying but Yemen's politics has been always very complicated. There would be always very negative matters ahead. However, I hope as Tawakkol Karamn is due to return to Yemen next week, we'll hear brighter news.

PS. The 13th of Jan. marks the anniversary of 1986 south-Yemen civil war that left thousands dead. And today Aden mourns 8 of its people dead :(