Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Call for Sanctions on Saleh's Regime - #Yemen #UN #Humanrights #Warcrime

Local reports indicate death toll rise to 24 martyrs & 800 injured in anew massacre by the regime against peaceful protesters while they were rallying towards Kentachi round. This round has been regarded as the limit where the protesters should never cross in their rallies since it's very close to Ahmad's house (Saleh's son).

It's another war crime by Saleh's regime.. I just can't dry my tears while I'm writing this post. Till when!! Till when Yemenis' blood is cheap!! I aslo think of the international community's silence towards Yemen's peaceful uprising!! I wonder ; how many people should be killed in Yemen before the world support Yemen's uprising!!!!”

I just pray that now before tomorrow, the UN must have a serious special meeting about Yemen. I really believe it's time to call for sanctions on Saleh's regime.