Thursday, July 21, 2011

Yemen Needs the World's Support

A blogger asked me to have an interview with me and have my views on several topics she mentioned with her questions. I was answering the questions minutes ago. At the end, I pointed about one matter that was so compelling that I wanted to share here as well. I really can't wait till the interview gets published. Here's the segment I'd like to share;-


If there is something I'd like to add. I want to share my views on why Yemen's uprising is facing a huge hindrance to succeed which is affecting the humanitarian and economical levels extremely negatively. I can see it very well how the US and Saudi Arabia Kingdom are playing dirty with backing up Saleh and his sons. It's not of neither the US nor KSA best interest to spread democracy in Yemen specifically and in the region generally after all the past three decades investment they have put on Saleh's lousy leadership. Plus, the hardships made against the citizens in Yemen right now; in terms of the humanitarian and economical levels, it's Saleh's regime's punishment against the people for all the calls they made for change throughout the past six months.

I urge the international community to stand up for the Yemeni people, not for Yemen's dictatorship regime. I urge the whole world to stand up for the Yemeni people who are the future. I call upon the whole world to back up Yemen's uprising and the independent revolutionary youth. At present, a humanitarian crisis is spreading around the country where there is severe shortages of fuel, electricity, food, water and basic services and rights. Those issues has to be addressed immediately. Yemen needs all the support it can have. Whoever could support, please do!