Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rediscovering my Inner Feminism in Sweden

I remember how I used to repeat one sentence before I walk out of my house in Yemen. Fight the system and fight men´s harassment. Then, the sentence was transformed into Fight dictatorship. Today, I am fighting my own demons. That is my fight, currently in Sweden.

Two days ago, for the first time in my life I watched a football match at the studiem. I entered with a great excitment. I was observing if I'd get harassed by men, espically that I was at the men´s section. Oh wait! there were no divisions, a side for men and a side for women. LOL! And, no one single harassment I got! I was so surprised ! I guess I was somehow programmed to think that any man would harass me .. but that was not true! I hate to say this, but I have lived my whole past life in Yemen, being traumatized by the first experience I had when I was harassed at the age 7. It is not easy now to look at men differently,, not easy at all!