Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another Attempt to Silence Al-Masdar Online Newspaper

Al-Masdar Online newspaper, one of my favorite newspapers in Yemen (if not the only one that I like) faced another obstacle from Yemen's government in an attempt to silence it. Around 3,000 copies of the well-established independent newspaper's latest issue was confiscated by the republican security forces, today.

The newspaper's distribution officer was stopped by the forces while he was driving to distribute the newspaper. They took away the 3,000 copies and when he tried to resist and stop them, they threatened him to put him in prison.

This is another indecent of the many & many other incidents in Yemen where independent press faces hardships from the government. Al-Masdar has a long history with violation against them by the security forces. In 2009, its chief editor, Samir Jobran was prosecuted for his "collaboration" in publishing a very outspoken anti-regime article written by Yemeni journalist who's based in USA, Munir al-Mawari. Most importantly, since the begining of Yemen's Uprising in January, the newspaper has been actively reporting about the uprising and publishing thousands of articles from anti-regime journalists and writers.

This is a clip taken long time ago, in 2009 when al-Masdar's chief editor was taken to the court and prosecuted about the article mentioned above. I just can't help it; thinking of how freedom of press in Yemen has always been suffering and that still continues.