Monday, June 27, 2011

We are not living like human beings, says Om Nasser from Abyan

By A.Z.

More than 20,000 people have fled from the governorate of Abyan due to the clashes
that are taking place in the district f Zinjabar between the Yemeni army and militants
of al-Qaeda. Many families have left their houses leaving all their belongings. All
the fled families live now in schools in the city of Aden and Lahj. Many of the fled
people have now symptoms of cholera and need medications and treatment. More
than 600 citizens are still trapped in Zinjabar and need evacuation.

Om Nasser from Abyan, speaks in tears why Yemenis are killing each other.
Terrorists are attacking all ages. Many families have fled to Aden and Lahj and are
still deprived of many living resources. "We are not living like human beings. We left
our house only wearing our clothes," she said.

The head f the executive unit of the IDPs camp, Ahmed al-Kohlani expects that the
number of IDPs is believed t increase to 30,000. In addition to the IDPs that were
relocated into schools many others were relocated in some houses in both Aden and
Abyan. The IDPs are living in a very poor condition suffering from lack of finance,
health facilities and the most affected ones are the children and women, said al-

The spread of the corpses have resulted in a number of diseases among the citizens
of Abyan where these corpses were turned into food for dogs and other animals.
There is a great lack in the city of fuel and drinking water and prices of food were
exponentially increasing.

According to some other statistics, the number of IDPs now is more than 35,000
where they live in camps, houses and some also live in caves under very high

The local council in Abyan have called upon all humanitarian organizations to help
in saving the lives of thousands in Abyan that are falling victims for the fight that is
taking place. T

The ministry of Health in Yemen has sent tons of medicines to the city in an attempt
to tackle and treat some of the diseases that were spread due to the spread of corpses.

In the following video, people in Taiz are conducting a campaign to donate for the IDP from Abyan.