Monday, June 27, 2011

It feels like living back in the medieval ages deprived of any services, says a citizen from Al-Houdeidah

By A.Z.

A crisis in bread, ice, drinking water is sweeping the city of al-Houdeidah. Seven people died suffering from kidney failure and many corpses were rotten due to the electricity blackouts in al-Houdeidah in the Al-Twrah and Al-Olfi hospitals morgues.

For several days of electricity blackouts, al-Houdeidah turned into catastrophic city which led also to a total stop of health and living services. Many families with their children were forced to sleep outdoors since o air conditioners are not working with the summer high temperature in al-Houdiedah that can each to 39 and up.
Some also sources in the city said that many patients of cancer went back to their villages without treatment due to also electricity blackouts. The electricity blackouts were the result of an act of vandalism that attacked the electricity towers in the district of Bajel. Citizens in al-Houdeidah expressed their anger and dissatisfaction to the local authorities that could not solve the electricity blackouts that goes more than 20 hours a day.

Human rights activist, Tariq Mohammed said that electricity blackouts have become a nightmare in everyone's life which almost paralyzed their daily life. Electricity blackouts also caused many material and human losses, besides, the environmental problem that came as a result of the hundreds of generators in main streets of the many shops with their exhaust caused pollution in the air.

Thousands of people also went in demonstrations demanding the resignation of the governor that could not respond to the citizens needs and demonstrators were also attacked by security units and many people were injured and two deaths were reported last Thursday. Ali al-Tihami said that he feels that they are living back in the medieval ages deprived of any services and that cars have stopped and that they might be forced to use donkeys and camels for transportation due to the lack of fuels.