Thursday, March 25, 2010

Postcard from al-Arabi magazine in Kuwait

Who would deny how crucial technology methods, tools and services are in our life? It’s a fact that we daily take advantage of technology, no matter if we use it wisely or not. Socially, economically and politically, technology communication methods are a must to the majority in the Arab world, specifically. Hence, al-Arabi magazine conducted a three-day seminar on “Arabic culture’s status midst modern technology communication methods”, in Kuwait from 8th until 10th of March.

One of the attendants raised a question of ‘who would completely read a novel via the internet?!’ As an attendant, the only representative of Yemen, and representing youth voice, I raised my hand I replied... “I surely do.. and find no problem at all with that. Actually, lots of my friends do that as well." The crowed was surprised to hear that from a Yemeni girl because that's not what known about us, Yemen. I tried to convey the truth. I didn't fabricate anything. Yemeni youth uses most updated technology communication methods, regardless of how badly or not it is used.