Saturday, November 21, 2020

Saudi leaders hide their grave human rights abuses behind the G20


It’s outrageous, to say the least, hearing the silence of states virtually attending the G20 Saudi Arabia & saying no word about the kingdom’s gross rights violations at home & in Yemen.
No state with any sense of decency, who respects human rights can attend #G20 without strongly demanding an end to the kingdom’s rights abuses. All parties to the conflict in Yemen, including the Houthi armed group, have blood on their hands. Mounting evidence shows how Saudi Arabia committed rights abuses, some of which amount to war crimes enabled by billions-$-worth weapons bought from the US, the UK, France & others.

What I find appaling is the double-standard from some western states who preach about their love for human rights at home & elsewhere, & stay silent when their filthy rich allies commit rights abuses.
No matter how clear world leaders’ silence is, the fact is that Saudi Arabia & its allies, and the Houthi armed group have created the worst humanitarian catastrophe in the world. May the images of starving Yemeni children haunt them in their dreams!