Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The problem with Yemen war

Illustration by Sam Kalda

The problem with Yemen war is this cross point between a global attitude that doesn't know where the hell Yemen is located on the map (let alone of recognizing Yemenis as human beings!), and foreign super powers; like Saudi, UK, US, & local super powers; like Saleh & Abdelmalik Al Houthi stretching their muscles as they can, and most genuinely, Yemenis' pride in saying: we rather die silently than sensationalizing our agony & plight so the world can pay attention to our pain. Yemenis are people of a complete integrity attributed to their agricultural-culture & tribal values. It's always on the back of our heads. I wish I can tell our integrity that, "if there is any humans' pain in the world today that deserves to get sensationalized at the media & governments' offices is yours. A mild earthquake was felt last night in many parts of Yemen. Earthquake during a war; what more tragedy you want? Ok, don't sensationalize anything. The facts would do enough. Just speak up louder!" ✊🏽