Monday, March 16, 2015

How a Yemeni Man was Recruited by CIA in Sweden then Got Executed by Al Qaeda in Yemen

How one Yemeni man who resided in Sweden for ten years and was father of two Swedish children ended up being killed and crucified in Yemen by Al-Qaeda, for being a suspected CIA spy? the incredible story of Ameen Al Mua'almi was detailed by the investigative Swedish journalist, Kenan Habul working with the Aftonbladet Swedish newspaper earlier this month. Habul sharply picked up the previously published piece of news on Reuters about Al Mua'almi's involvement with Sweden, CIA, Yemen and AQ, to provide us today with more fascinating details. I was delighted to do a tiny translation work on the story.

"Ameen was a father of two boys, divorced, with a semi-criminal background and he was socializing with Islamists. But Aftonbladet can reveal his double-life," reports Habul.

"A year ago, Ameen got crucified on a dusty soccer field in Yemen by Al Qaeda. He had have confessed about him spying on the terrorist group for the USA's behalf, "I was recruited in Sweden by the American security service," says Ameen in a video filmed by al-Qaeda before his death.

They hung up Ameen at a soccer yard. His face was swollen, blindfolded and his clothes tainted with blood. They had shot him in the forehead. In a video of a local news website shows a dozen men taking pictures of his lifeless body with their mobiles. Ameen's life ended on a gravel pitch in the city Shahar in southern Yemen exactly one year ago.

You may read the rest of the story here, in Swedish.

In Video: Ameen confessing about his spy work. Following is a transcript of Ameen's talk in English:

Youtube clip’s title:
Confessions of the person who Alqaeda executed and crucified in Al Shaher

First Scene
(Audio: A male singing ) Black color background with bold title:

America’s Spy in the Arab Peninsula

The killer of the innocent Muslims by the American drone “plane without pilot”

Second scene
Amin appears:

My name is Amin Abdullah Mohammed Abu Asou’d Al Mua’alimi. I was born in Sana’a, in al Kharabah area. The beginning of my recruitment was in Sweden. He said, we nee.. nee.. need you to work with the American intelligence. I said, I have no problem with that. He spoke that they are … about the danger of the AQ group in the Arab Peninsula. He spoke that .. that AQ represents a great danger against the United States and its allies, and especially, especially, AQ in the Arab Peninsula.

They told me .. they will enroll you in a brief course which has information, it will benefit you, in regard the security aspect. And we will link you with ….. with a person who works with us and he is Nabeel. He will be the coordinator between me and them and the American groups.

The teacher (coordinator) was also an officer at the Swedish intelligence. His name was Abu Fadi.

When I arrived to Yemen and I went to.. to the hotel. I went to a hotel called Amouj located in Hadramout, in Mukala. I called the number which the intelligence gave me, als.. also from a phonebooth. I told them that I arrived to Yemen. I contacted through the phone with Nabeel. I told him what happened. I got the money, or the salary. I got it.

I called..I contacted Nabeel via phone, then he told me to go now & get to know the group which is in Mukala, at fouah area. I went to…(Amin scratches his moustache) their location and it’s an area at the the fouah.

I went to the Americans. I told them. And I said that the nature of the work is like this and that .. In Movenpick hotel, in Sana’a.

And they said that some countries want to get rid of some of the people existing in them.

During the period… they asked me, when I got back from Ramadan.. they asked from me at the Fouah center three chips that I put in three people now.. at once..and he was Ashraf, and Majid, and Mubarak. Majid was the first one who I put a tracking device and tapping device in the bicycle at the pedal. Afterwards, whom I put the chip in? To Mubarak, because there was a bag there, nobody was at the house.

After days, after, in Shawal, when Ashraf came, i put for him, in the bag which he was using.. around two months before Ashraf’s murder, they told me important talk… they told me that they were… you have given us important information. Important information..which you deserve a prize for. So he said we will introduce you to another group existing, ??? Americans, existing in Ramadan Hadah Hotel, other than the one in ??. Each has different job from the other.

Third Scene

(Audio: A male singing ) Black color background with written text (list):

The nicknamed with ‘Abu Hamza Al Mughrabee’, Amin Abdullah Al Mua’almi plotted the murder of Muslims in Al Shaher in Hadramout and they are:

Majid al Hadrami “Saleh Al Hayqi

Ashraf “Khaled Al Hamoudi”

Abu Khaled Al Hadrami “Abduallah Ba Wazeer”

Abu Al Zubair Al Hadrami “Nabeel Al Keldi”

Abu Al Bara’a Al Hadrami “Muse’ad Al Nahdi”

Abu Khaled Al Ta’aizi “Jamal Yarouq”

Abu Omar Al Hadidi “Abdualqhani Al Samkari”


Graphic: Local press' video of when they found Ameen's body hanging at a soccer yard in Al Shahar, Hadhramaut.