Monday, February 23, 2015

Anti-Houthi Protests Continue

Thousands rallied* in Sana'a today in support of president, Hadi, & denouncing Houthis' occupation of Sana'a. Anti-Houthi protests continue amid an ongoing crackdown against anti-Houthis protesters by Houthi militias. Dozens have been physically assaulted, arrested, and tortured till death by men believed to be of Houthi militias. HRW details horrific accounts of massive human rights abuses committed by Houthi men, "Yemeni security forces and militia have beaten peaceful protesters and mistreated those arrested during demonstrations in the capital, Sanaa, since late January 2015. The future government should hold those responsible for serious abuses accountable, and rescind an indefinite ban on unauthorized protests issued on February 8."

*The rally in pictures by Mohammed Al Emad.