Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sana'a, The Roller Coaster (1st Day)

Sana'a my my weakness point. Sana'a is not all Yemen but Sana'a is my hometown. It's very personal when it's witnessing fighting & horror. I get paralyzed when things go bad there, just like how things were yesterday. I couldn't think, type and blog. I spent all the day calling my family in Sana'a. It's tough to convince them that I share your horror too, even if I am far away. Because they are kind, they let it go. Still, I know that it's unbelievable and inconceivable: how can you be far away and taste what we are enduring here?

It's terrible. Wars are there to dehumanise us. We start to see each other with less and less empathy. It takes time to comprehend that & try to find a way to deal with it. That's why I couldn't blog yesterday.

Even though the situation is changing rapidly in Sana'a, here is a brief recap of what has taken place so far: