Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Melody of Our Alienation, An Invitation To Understand Sana'a

I thought a tweet won't do it justice. It's so good and so compelling and multi-layered. How can A tweet give all that justice.


My city.

Sana'a is the heart of Yemen; it's one of the oldest populated places in the world. The Oldest .. in the World. A city of contrast. You hate it and love it in the same time.

هي الداء والدواء.

Here is an invitation to see, and not merely to look, but to see, Sana'a through some of the most creative young people's eyes - #SupportYemen organization. It's an invitation to understand the resistance of this city and it's continuous attempt to stay sane amidst the madness. Some described the video as a sigh of despair, which is understandable, given what Sana'a has gone through especially from 2011 & onward - Bloodsheding has been the loudest language. Nevertheless, the goosebumps I got while watching meant nothing but realizing the spirit of my city. It's simply a chance to remember that where life exists, there's always hope.

The short video's beauty comes from all that amazing mixture of great cinematography, genuine scenes, amazing choice of poetry, the compelling narration, the music... just so beautiful.

It's been nearly 4 years since I left Sana'a. I know that I can always have a glimpse of it through, "The Melody of Our Alienation" and I'll let all those tears fall over and over and over again.

ولابد من صنعاء وإن طال السفر...