Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Yemen's name united us

Dr. Khaled Fattah is regarded as one of Yemen best experts. 

At the Yemeni Salon today, I met a young gentleman; he looked like he was from Yemen. I just felt it. Somehow. 
I asked, "are you from Yemen?"
"Yes, I'm from Aden," he replied.
"Ya'ani, you're from Yemen."
"From Aden." 
We smiled & I understood that he was Hiraki. 
And I also met a young gentleman who was from Sa'addah. He introduced himself as a representative of the Ansar Allah in Sweden. (That was a wower.) 
We had a beautiful discussion about the current situation with Al-Huothis' takeover .. and we enjoyed the talk by dr. Khaled Fattah .. and the following discussions by the audience. 
I silently reflected as the seminar went by & realised that we all were there, regardless of our political affiliations or views, just because Yemen's name united us, even for just an hour or two. We all are thirsty for peace and prosperity for our people and country, even though we're this far away. Locations meant nothing to us, because Yemen is indeed in our hearts."