Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sana'a - Yemen 1982

"I had great pleasure in visiting Sana'a in the then North Yemen on business in 1982. Always a tourist a heart I took my Konica with me. I was overwhelmed by the place. The people were very friendly, always willing to help and pose for photos, the landscape looked like the Moon with an atmosphere and the climate was perfect being both hot and dry. So very different from Cairo it was like stepping back in time 500 years.

I took a look at peoples pictures of the place on Flickr taken more recently and see that it has been modernised extensively but sympathetically so it still looks like the Yemen and, of course, it has its magnificent new Mosque which holds 40000 people.

These wonderful kids lived just down the road from Alan's house and although a little shy they did agree that I could take a picture. Another of my favourites." - Gareth Williams