Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Across Yemen: What do Human Rights activists have to say on Human Rights Day?

Photo: Benjamin Lowy

While today the world marks the International Human Rights Day, human rights activists across Yemen speak about how is the situation for human rights after Yemen’s 2011 uprising. Activists from Sana’a, Taiz, Hodeidah and Aden answer if there is an improvement in HR after the uprising? and how do they see the support given to enhance HR? Mrs. Hooria Mashhur, Yemen’s Human Rights Minister comments on what the government is doing in that regard. Click on the interviewee and read the full interview.
"I’m pained when I see the reality for a person in Yemen; a reality full with injustice and humiliation," Mohannad Al-Khalify, 24.
"I know a friend whose son, 12 year old, got raped in his way to school after the rapist dragged him off the street," Ghaida’a Al-Absi, 27.
"The situation for HR has deteriorated after the 2011 uprising," Jaber Al-Ghazeer, 25.
"I strongly say this- the Yemeni government shows its commitment to enhance human rights," Hooria Mashhur, Yemen’s Human Rights Minister


"Taiz in particular faces an environmental disaster as its drying off water quickly," Faisel Al-Thabhani, 34.


"Laws about women's issues are still a matter for discussion for the islamist and fundamentalist parliamentarians," Aswan Othman.


"LGBT rights are horrifically violated. In several areas like Aden, Lahij and Abyan, members of LGBT community are killed by radical terrorist islamists forces," Anonymous, 29.