Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Graphic: A Video Shows Side of Revenge Killing in Yemen

A shocking video shows a young man being handed to a group of men, and getting killed by an armed man with a rifle. Reportedly, (via @Marebpress) the young man was handed by his father to the group of men whose one of their relatives was killed by the young man, in Arhab province. This is one of the aspects of revenge killing issues in Yemen's tribal system, in which here the father attempts to restrict the dispute so it doesn't prolong over years. In other situation, the father would have kept his son in hide; avoiding him being killed in a revenge killing.

"A report conducted by the Aba’ad center shows that only 25 revenge killing cases were reported between January and June 2011, which is fewer than the average monthly cases reported in 2010....

Evidence about the role performed by tribes in Yemen challenges two major assumptions: that Yemen is a lawless country and that tribes are the tribal system undermine stability and state building. On the contrary, in a country like Yemen, where the state is weak, the tribal system - especially tribal conflict resolution mechanism - can help promote national reconciliation, stability, and even state building. As the United Nations and the international community try to help Yemen in its critical transition and state-building process, policymakers and practitioners need to explore ways in which the traditional system can complement and strengthen this process." (Via Carnegie Endowment Org.)