Sunday, October 27, 2013

Flaws in Yemen's Arms Ban

"Is it just me or media blew this 'intensive campaign to ban guns' out of proportion...there are actually far less checkpoint than last week!

Any who, less or more checkpoint, soldiers manning them didn't give a hoot about latest decree & treated matter as just another day at job. Capitalizing on surprising level of candor (at times outright resentment), me and a friend decided to breach taboo & ask soldiers at checkpoints why they are not enforcing gun ban on cars full of armed men (we initially guessed fear)...following are their answers:
 {Outgunned} "We get 1AK/1clip/soldier, they have guns & AK47s with several clips, most have hand grenades and some even RPGs..." {Authority} "Most are part of some Sheikh's convoy or connected to a powerful official, they will make call and get through anyway." {Ignorance} "Don't know if there's a unified standard permit, but ppl like Sheiks, MPs, soldiers, officials, they are allowed to have guns." {Illiteracy} "Don't know what the 'latest' MOI permit looks like. Here, an official (looking) document with seal & signature gets u through." {Fear} "If things get out of hand and I die in shootout, gov will neither take care of my family nor prosecute killer...if I kill one of them, tribe will personally come after me and gov will neither protect me nor pay blood's a lose/lose sit." {Poverty} "My salary is YR37K ($170), most belong to one sheikh or another & r kind enough to occasionally give us Qat, food, & even money." {Corruption} "If I as much as irk one of them, my commander will go to whoever they're connected to & punish me publicly to plz them." "Some commanders actively seek such opportunities to curry favours with higher-ups & enhance their own network of contacts". {Apathy} "This whole endeavor is futile! So what if we apprehend them or confiscate their guns, they will be inevitably released w/guns". {Buy-in} "I honestly don't care and also believe there are bigger problems...will not stick my neck out unless absolutely necessary".

So my dear gov, when issuing decrees with implementers (soldiers) as these, u r essentially going into battle with a broken sword. Fix It!" -@Hisham Al-Omeisy