Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Yemenis Are Human Beings Too

As Yemen is trending worldwide because of the “terror alert” by the US and by most of the state worldwide which have embassies in the country, and as this constant call urging all its staff, citizen residents in Yemen to leave the country continue, I take this historical moment to say: Yemenis are human beings too.

Today, the US admin imperialist identity manifest itself at its best form in which the United States' people are the most superior. It all started when the US Admin made the call last week and stated that its embassies were to be closed in most of the Arab countries. Because, “we hate them” and will harm them. And it was mentioned that the real terror comes from Yemen. In fact, this MSNBC’s guest claims that the real threat of terror comes from Yemen.

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Understandably, the US is concerned for its citizens because they might be the future victims of Al-Qaeda attacks. Al-Qaeda that takes Yemen as its main hub. Well, I want to speak about Yemen, my homeland, my people, what about them? Aren’t they human beings as well? Do you know how many were killed by the US’s covert war against terrorism in Yemen? Do you know how many non-combatant civilians were shattered into pieces by the CIA’s drone strikes in the past few years? Hundreds were killed and the number is still on the rise. As we speak, people in Sana'a are hearing a drone hovering in the sky. God knows who's its next victim!

Yemenis are human beings too, not superior to the US citizens but we're equally human beings. Yemenis are not sending their drone strikes to the US and killing US citizens while they are, say, just sitting at home and trying to make just their living.

You think today Al-Qaeda would operate its terror attack? No. It was the US CIA’s drone strikes that killed 4 people just earlier today.

Yemenis are human beings too. And their blood is as precious as anyone's else in the world.