Sunday, July 7, 2013

Yemen's South Marks the Day of Invasion

Today is the 7th of July, a very special day in Yemen's war history and for Yemen's south part specially. It's the 19th anniversary of south of Yemen being seized by the northern forces after a bloody 3 months civil war where thousands were killed from both sides. For the north, the anniversary is called " the victory over the secessionists" and for the south it's "the day of invasion by the north."

In 2007, in the 7th of July also, it was the birth of the Hirak movement by the south; calling for independence. Even though the war has ended, there is still a covered cleansing war against young political activists in Aden by the northern forces in the name of "preserving the unification." Every week, if not every day, atrocities been committed over the people in Aden.

Most of southern cities are preparing for protest and events to mark the day.

Today, Ateq province is witnessing a general civil disobedience.

And there is a heavy security forces presence in Aden where the forces had a crackdown on protesters; killing one protester till now.

The southern issue is being discussed in Yemen's National Dialogue Conference; with a hope to present a concrete solution for the South.