Monday, July 15, 2013

Video: Dutch Kidnapped Journalist in Yemen Appeals for Help

Yemeni journalist, Ahmed Ali Al-zurqa has just posted a video about the two Dutch abducted couple in Yemen. Dutch journalist Judith Spiegel and her husband have been abducted since last month.

Video transcript in English via Nader Al-Mowafak:-

"B: I am Boudewijn Berendsen.

J: And I am Judith Spiegel. We have been abducted in Yemen: we are in a lot of trouble. 

From early on we spoke to the Dutch ambassador [Jeroen Verheul], explaining the conditions solving our trouble. Nothing happened since, there has been no movement.

Then we provided 10 days to solve this, but no reaction, no result. Now another 10 days were granted for a solution. These men are armed. If there is no solution in 10 days they will shoot us.

B: We are very scared, a solution really needs to come forward. We are calling on everyone to make the government and the embassy move, to agree with the conditions set.
J: Family, media, people from the Netherlands: do something! We have find a way to get out of this. This way we won't get out ... We are here, we have to stay forever, if not, we will be dead in 10 days anyway. Do something together, DO SOMETHING! "

The video as you can see above is truly heartbreaking considering how much Judith was fond of Yemen. I have personally met her couple times in Yemen and she had always showed a great admiration of Yemen's culture and its loving people. You may read one of her pieces here where she expresses her close relation with Yemen. 

This is not the first or the last foreigners, or Yemenis who get abducted in Yemen attributed to the weak, almost zero, governance the state has. 

May Judith and her husband get free soon!!