Sunday, July 21, 2013

Love Story in Sana'a

People in Sana'a city woke up today to read this huge banner in one of the city's main streets, and the banner says: "Rahaf, I'm sorry. Adel." It's a message from Adel apologizing to, apparently, his sweetheart, Rahaf.

Yemen's social media reacted immediately and a hashtag was created with the same message content. It got very viral. #اسف_يارهف_عادل

The day later, another banner was hanged instead of the previous one; saying: "Rahaf: I'd accept your apology with one condition. Follow all the updates in our pages, bla bla bla" Apparently, it was a hoax and a catchy marketing move for that company, Rawabit. 

Rawabit released a video that explains the love story right after that Love Story was talk of the town.