Sunday, May 12, 2013

In response to Thomas Friedman's "the Yemeni way" piece

Mr. Thomas Friedman represents the great PR work prs. Hadi is pushing for with the assistance of his best ally, the US. I find his latest piece published on NYTimes very superficial even though it gives rosy image of how Yemen is at the moment. What a parachute journalism he did!

"The good news is that — for now — a lot of Yemenis really want to give politics a chance," Friedman writes. For God's sake! since ancient times, Yemenis have always been into politics. This in not the first time we made a revolution or have political movements. Did he read history books about Yemen?

What would have been nice of him to write is how the Yemeni way is still struggling to nail a dictator who still enjoys an absolute immunity by the US and Saudi Arabia. Or, it could have been nicer to mention that president Hadi was elected in the most undemocratic way, a way led by, again, the US and Saudi Arabia.