Tuesday, March 26, 2013

President Hadi Takes a Nap at the Arab League Summit

President Hadi taking a little nap. 

With every public speech president Hadi appears with, it amazes me that Yemen has a president other than Ali Abdullah Saleh. I'm 28 years old and I still struggle with the fact that Yemen's long time -3 decades- dictator is no longer on power. I still can't believe that I lived till the day to see another president other than Saleh! Call me dreamy, tell me that Saleh is still holds a huge influence in the country, tell me that democracy in Yemen is still zero,,tell me whatever.. but I must admit that this is a huge step for Yemen.

Today, Yemen's president Hadi spoke at the Arab league summit and touched upon many crucial points. Overall, his speech was short, to the point and very nationalistic and pro-Arabism.

I'm sure that he has someone who writes those good speeches for him. Nonetheless, I evaluate his attitude during the speech to be very respectful; unlike... well, take a look at this speech of ousted president Ali Abduallah Saleh in one of the last speeches, if not the last, he held in the Arab League Summit in Libya, 2010.


You can tell from the way he handled himself .. he just had some notes and he mainly improvised his talk. He spoke as if he was talking to some friends with arrogance. The content of his talk was a mere rubbish, except that he mentioned the Palestinian issue. Still, the context he put that in was so embarrassing. He basically was an utter lousy, incompetent, full of nonsense dictatorship. 

My delight with president Hadi speech was runied once I got to watch this clip; when he took just a little nap during the sessions.