Saturday, January 19, 2013

President Hadi Visits Bahrain

Yemen's President Hadi paid his first visit after being assigned to neighboring country Bahrain Kingdom today; meeting Bahrain's giant-dictator, king Hamad Al Khalifa and the rest of the oppressive regime.

I'm truly ashamed of this visit for several reasons.

1) It gives affirmative indications that Yemen supports Bahrain and vice versa, on the political level. Meaning, a dictator is supporting another dictator.

2) For God's sake! people of Bahrain have been suffering a violent crackdown by the authority since 2011, while calling for democracy and freedom. They have been subjected to most horrific violations of human rights. That didn't accord to president Hadi at all!

3) I'm very positive one of the issues the two leaders have discussed was how to enhance the ties between the two countries when it comes to the mercenaries trades. Truth of the matter the Bahraini government has been recruiting mercenaries from several countries, in including Yemen.

Confirmed by a number of reports and even tweets by political activist Zeinab al-Khawaja in Bahrain, when she had intense confrontations with soldiers who happened to be Yemenis.

Basically, the Yemeni mercenaries helped in the violent crackdown on the protesters like this one.

Nonetheless, people of Yemen has shown great support to the uprising in Bahrain through holding several demonstrations. The following clip is dated to May 2011 and produced by al-Manar channel which is affiliated with Hezbollah broadcasting from Beirut, Lebanon.

The inconvenient revolution, as Human Rights defender, Maryam al-Khawaja called it once, is regarded to have so much to do with sectarianism but that's totally not true. Al-Khawaja explains more..