Sunday, December 9, 2012

Marathon for Children with Special Needs Kicks off on Wednesday

There will be a very inspiring marathon for Yemen's neglected forces, children with special needs next Wed. 12, Dec. in Sana'a, led by the Special Olympics Yemen (SOY) and a group of young passionate volunteers.

A video report about the coming event on al-Saeeda channel (in Arabic).

I say neglected because I've done intensive reports about that when I was in Yemen (read here) and I have visited one of their catering centers. I was fascinated by how bright and inspiring they were. In the same time, I lamented how forgotten they were. I can truly say they are a neglected investment, because they are capable to do a lot than what the majority think of. Still, they're a wasted energy. They are estimated to be 2 millions. Can you imagine neglecting 8% of the population? and the state is barely addressing their plight.

Hopefully, such events ring a bell to officials and act. I just hope they would never be forgotten anymore.

*To have more info about the event, please visit their official Facebook page here.