Monday, November 19, 2012

Yemen Marks First Anniversary of Signing GCC Deal

Truly, time flies!

It's been one year since the coalition of the Gulf state monarchies (The GCC) came together and suppressed Yemen's Uprising that was to some extent a legitimate popular revolution until internal political forces (Ali Mushen al-Ahmar, Hameed al-Ahmar and the JMP) jumped in.

UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon met with Yemeni President, Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi in Sanaa, Yemen, today. Ban arrived for a one-day visit to mark the 1st anniversary of the power transfer deal (the GCC deal) that led to ex-president Saleh's removal.

Ki-moon visit could be interpreted in many ways. "Aside from being a show of support for President Hadi, his visit did not otherwise benefit the stalled transition process in Yemen," says Haykel Bafana'a, Yemeni lawyer based in Hadramout city.

Journalist Mohammed al-Qadhi, based in Sana'a writes on his facebook page, "Ki-moon visit is a strong message of support to president Hadi and the current goverment. It's also a clear message to those war dealers that the transitional process, as Ki-moon stated, is irreversible. Therefore, Hadi can't offord another excuses and must make strong decisions that resonate to Yemenis' aspirations for real change and building a real democratic civil state."

Not only Ki-moon graced Yemen with his visit, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) head, Abdul Latif al-Zayani (to the right) and the special adviser to UN Secretary-General and UN Envoy to Yemen, Jamal Ben Omar (behind Hadi) were in the celebration meeting too.

As you can see in the picture, both Hadi and Ki-moon had a press conference. Hadi was emphasizing all the points the GCC deal attempts to implement and Ki-moon has stated that he "welcomed progress in Yemen's democratic transition and that the process must be ‘irreversible'." Here is a segment of Hadi's talk:-

Even though it was a big event in Yemen and for the history of the 2011 Uprising, not all media outlets covered the event. Al-Yemen Today Tv channel, (owned by Saleh) has chosen to completely ignore the event. Why? because someone is feeling really ... "bitter."

Seemingly, this anniversary represents a reminder of the defeat Saleh is swallowing gradually. I bet this must be eating him: Hadi delivering a long speech on this occasion in front of a person that embodies the International Community, Ki-moon:-

Nonetheless, the question remains, what has been achieved since the GCC deal was signed (other than that Saleh was removed)? Oh my! what shall I say.. political divisions have been enhanced, the army has not been united, Saleh is still in the country enjoying the full impunity, economical hardships increasing, ... that's just a partial list.

In all cases, Happy First Anniversary GCC deal, Yemen!