Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Risky Job for Yemen's Human Rights Minister

It seems running a post at the ministry of Human Rights is a mission-impossible. Here are Saleh's political party, al-Moatamar starting a cold propaganda media war against the ever-lasting veteran human rights defender, Mrs. Hooria Mashhour who is the current human rights minster.

Al-Moatamar has been spreading fals allegations against Mashhour for her work. Basically, she is working hard to expose the bad guys but they are using shitty tactics to silence her with far-related issues. This lady is really pushing the botton gracefully and holds a very sensitive post where corruption is the main source of hundreds of violations against Yemenis' rights for basic services and decent life.

Please keep an eye on her because al-Moatamar and most of their loyalists might commit crazy stuff against her. I've always admired Mrs. Mashhour and will always do. I met her several times when I was in Sana'a and she has been nothing but supportive and kind to me and many other people. I'm really in solidarity with her.

For more info on the issue you can read the press-release (In Arabic) by The Media Center for Change Square in Sana'a, here.