Sunday, July 22, 2012

In Pictures: A Charity Organization - Tamkeen - Campaigns to Feed 10000 Families

In one of my previous posts, I listed grassroots groups (look here) inside Yemen that try to address poverty and meet needy families' demands, while there is a huge lack of state assistance to address that issue.

I forgot to mention one of the leading groups working on charity for several years now in Yemen. Tamkeen for Development organization - a non-profit org. -has definitely been in the front line helping as many people as they can. Its founder, Mrs. Ma'ali Alasousi who I personally have met several times when I was in Sana'a could be better described as >> Mother Terasa for Yemen.

She has been working on relief/charity/development projects throughout Yemen since 2007. Basically, she is an amazing lady! She is from Kuwait but very very passionate about Yemen. Her organization represents a very succesful story among Yemen's civil society organizations. In December 2011, Tamkeen won the top prize as best independent initiative in a competition for civic and social organizations. You can read more about that (here in Arabic).

If you need to know more about the organization you may visit their facebook page here.

The following pictures are about one of Tamkeen's latest campaigns launched this Ramadan. The campaign titled, "The Hope Basket" aims at providing 10000 needy families with food aid.