Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Arab Spring Meets Sweden Seminar

It's very hard to meet a young change maker from and in Sweden but, finally, I just met one today!
Today I was speaking at a small session run by and at Sensus organization. The session was called "The Arab Spring Meets Sweden" and I was very lucky to be speaking along with Felicia Margineanu, the fantastic young Swedish photographer who was behind the big demonstration against Sweden Democrats, in stockholm, Sept. 2010. (read more here

The whole session was very interesting because we both were analyzing the motives that drive people to protest, demonstrate and state their political statement for real. We both provided two different dimensions about the struggle for democracy.

What I know for sure is that Felicia & I shall do some other bombastic stuff in the near future! 

Here is Felicia & behind her is a picture of the demonstration she once organized. 

And here is Mr.Yasin Ahmed, one of the projects managers in Sensus, giving a presentation;-