Monday, February 20, 2012

Yemen Goes Through Another Undemocratic Presidential Election

Tomorrow will be a very important day for Yemen as people will go to polls to "elect" the only candidate for the presidency. The coming election is nothing but a joke! It lacks a very fundmental aspect of how elections should be; it's utterly undemocratic for many reasons:-

1-The only candidate, Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi is from the same old shitty political party of Saleh and there is no other political party running of the election.

2-He has been the vice president of Saleh for the past 17 years!!! Give me a break!! He's another would-be dictator!

3-Abdo Rabo is just a puppet for Saleh and his relatives.

4-Voting with "No" won't count.

5-Yemenis abroad can't vote via embassies abroad. (I want to vote with "NO")

Basically, Yemen is having a half-revolution and there is still along way to go.
(I'm posting some of the reasons due to lack of time, but please feel free to comment with why you think the coming election is undemocratic or .. "democratic"!)


Here is a recap of recent clips about Yemen:

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