Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tawakkol Karaman is Back to Yemen

After more than 3 months of worldwide travelings, Tawakkol Karman arrived today in Sana'a and she directly headed towards change square where thousands were celebrating her arrival.

I had the chance to attend her seminar when she visited Sweden and I also had the chance to sit down with her in a group meeting next day where we discussed with her many key pressing issues about Yemen. She truly seemed to be extremely determined to continue her struggle along with millions of Yemenis who aspire to achieve democracy and dignity for everyone across the country.

Tawakkol Karaman has come along way for this point. She was subjected many times to threats and arrests by the government. Today, she's no longer a merely young political activist. She's a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. That must at least make the government think twice before they hurt her in any kind of form. All eyes will follow her, to see what will happen next with her and Yemen!

The first moments of Tawakkol's arrival in the airport; she was received by Mrs. Hooria Mashhoor, Human Rights Minister.

Tawakkol at change square in Sana'a.

Tawakkol mentioning Syria in her chants.