Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nobel Peace Prize Laureates' Seminar in Stockholm

What can I say.. umm.. it was absolutely fantastic!! I believe that the three ladies could be a role model for anyone who strives for success, progress, peace, and empowerment. Personally, since they won, I've been hanging their photos on my room's wall because they have become a source of strength for me.

Having said that, it was totally magical for me to listen to them today in a seminar run by the Foreign Ministry and IDEA, then followed by dinner at the ministry building. Of course, there have been so many interesting discussion which I'll write about soon; especially about Tawakkol's announcement to run for the coming presidential elections. For the meantime, here are some of the photos of the event with captions.

Waiting for the ladies to come after they had to come late; due to problems at Oslo's airport, yesterday.

Mrs. Ellen Sirleaf, Liberia's president during her 20s while she participated in a political demonstration. This is very very rare pic!!

The three ladies in a panel discussion. Yummy! delicious topics were raised :)

Tawakkol Karamn and ... who's that! :P

The ladies listening to a quick speech made by Sweden's Foreign Minster Carl Bildt

Like honey attracting bees. She was always surrounded by people.


And the dinner.

Talks between Mrs. Sirleaf and Bildt