Tuesday, October 25, 2011

#Saleh Regime Continues Crackdown and Violence against Peaceful Protesters

Sana'a. - "I can't bear it anymore", said a volunteer nurse in Taiz. "Half of the time we can’t do anything for the injured but pray. There are so so many.” 6 protesters killed, 11 critically injured, 105 injuries from beatings & 383 injuries from tear gas inhalation, according to medics.

At least four civilians were killed in governmental raids on the Ahmar Family residence in the Hasaba and Sofan districts of the capital. The Ahmar family was one of the first supporters of a regime change.

Despite a UN delegation currently visiting Sana’a, Saleh’s forces continued with the crackdown of peaceful protesters. At least two pro democracy protesters were killed in Change Square today when government security forces shot at demonstrators. More than 47 people were fired upon, according to Dr. Mohammed Qubati, a doctor in the square.

“Injured continue to enter the medical hospital here,” said Qubati, “the death toll will rise due to the lack of medical equipment we have. The government is committing a massacre here against unarmed youth.”


Taiz. - 8 killed & dozens wounded

Central security forces continued to attack pro democracy protesters according to eyewitnesses and residents.

In the Rawdha district of Taiz, hospital doctors have reported eight deaths so far, amongst them a 13 year-old child.

Dozens of casualties are now streaming through the doors of the hospital said medical staff.

Yasser Nusari, a doctor in Freedom Square Taiz said five protesters were shot by the government. “Streets are now chaotic and forces are everywhere attacking anyone who is against the regime,” said Nusari.

“At least 38 people were shot by government forces. It’s unbelievable how the government is killing its own people.” Eyewitnesses said that security forces bombarded the center of Taiz. Moshiqi and Rowdah districts were hit hard by the government as RPG’s and heavy artillery were used against protesters as well as pro revolution fighters.

Clashes then erupted between the government and fighters loyal to the democracy movement. Clashes between them started at noon and are still ongoing.

*Source. Avaaz.org