Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Most Heated Discussion about Yemen’s Uprising on al-Jazeera

Thousands of Yemenis; inside & outside Yemen, were glued on their TVs, watching one of the most intese episod of the well-established show on al-Jazeera, al-Etjah al-Mu’akes, last night.

The guests were the revolutionary, Wasim Alqershi, who is a member of the organizational committee of the people’s youth revolution in Yemen, and one of Saleh’s thugs, Yasser al-Yamani , the ruling party spokesperson. Wassim started by stating most crucial and horrific statistics about Yemen’s worsening issues and he went on to discussing the current political turmoil. Yasser, was tumbling and looking stupid to answer questions addressed to him. It was very clear that the voice of truth was delivered by Wassim. He did a great job in voicing what lots of Yemenis would like to say in such challenging time; when more than 8 months passed for Yemeis’ struggle.

At the end, Wassim stated clearly that Saleh and all corruption figures will put of trails and justice must be served for all the crimes Saleh & his thugs have caused to Yemenis and Yemen.

Here is the link of the full interview;