Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Saleh is asking for the Sharia'a Laws to judge on anti-protesting in Yemen !!

"An airplane was shut down by rebel tribal men, al-Qirbi, the Foreign minister was scolded by his friend with a touching message, Saleh is asking for the Sharia'a Laws to judge on anti-protesting in Yemen !! , and the next Friday's name is about to be made in coordination with Syria's revolutionaries. The political landscape in Yemen seems to have many developments all the time happening so fast that it's so hard to catchup."

That was my Facebook status couple hours ago. Since I had to be busy all day with doing some errands, I came home to see the news and I was overwhelmed by the fact that it's so hectic for Yemen's political space. Keeping in mind, this has been the case for almost a YEAR now in Yemen!

Couple hours later, I got a tweet from a follower saying; "There will be a fatwa (advisory opinion)announced tomorrow , Thursday by a so-called "Religious Leaders of Yemen" giving a religious permission for Saleh to forcefully disperse any form of protests or gatherings from streets."

My first reaction was laughing. This man has really surpassed himself in all his manipulative tactics. What kind of a move is that! I'm really pissed off. I hope it's not true and it won't be carried on for real. I hope Saleh was just joking or whatever! Time is ticking and apparently not only Yemenis are frustrated of this staging situation, but also Saleh. He's so frustrated that he's invention unbelievable ways to sneak out of this.

I hope he reads this or Yemen's Central Security forces read this and tell him. I tell him; Keep religion out of this you moron!! It's very unacceptable argument from you when you are the one who adores Whiskey ! (Check this)

Overall, best reply to the so-called fatwa is the following tweet;

The tweet says; Someone stops Saleh from his madness! He seems to be mentally ill. Instead of signing the GCC's initiative & saving himself, he'll destroy the country totally. My Allah be with Yemen! "